Travel: Three days in Singapore

Hello friends,

Today I'm excited to tell you about a recent trip to Singapore, part one of a 16-day adventure in China.  We traveled from NYC to Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, and Ningbo.

Let the adventure begin!

Our flight path to Singapore brought us over the north pole, over Russia, China, and landing in Hong Kong, where we missed our connecting flight by a few minutes.  A few hours later we flew on a local airline to Singapore...

Singapore is a young country, turning 50 this year.  It reminded me a bit of George Jetson's world.

It's a cultural melting pot which makes for an exciting visit.
{Photo from Google Images}

While the World Traveler was on business, in air conditioning, and I was outside exploring.   It was very hot while we were there, nearly 100 degrees and humid!

Buddha Tooth Relic: This was my first time seeing/entering a Buddhist Temple.  Stepping into the Temple brings an immediate calmness.  I didn't want to leave.

Next up was a Hindu Temple:  I saw photos online and knew I needed to see it.  I wasn't able to take photos inside but was able to watch a midday service/celebration.  It has a bit of a circus atmosphere. 

The Singapore Botanical Gardens.  I like to walk everywhere, for three reasons: exercise, taking in the feel of the city/spontaneous sightseeing, and safety.  I walked four miles to the SBG.  Walking to the SBG let me experience a little taste for NYC Singapore style.  They have a fashion district, and something similar to Fifth Avenue.  It was an enjoyable walk.

Chinatown: The next day I walked to Chinatown. Sampling street food, taking new streets to Chinatown, then crossing the city to Little India.

Marina Sands:  On our last night in Singapore we enjoyed watching the sunset from the floor 57. 

Singapore wrap up: If you have a chance to visit Singapore, do it.  It's a great walkable city, with plenty of sights to see.  Don't forget to stop by the Raffles Hotel, to enjoy a Singapore Sling.   

Next stop: Shanghai