A crashing success!

Hello friends,

My last blog post was late July.  My first thought is 'I'm sorry for not posting for so long' followed by 'has it really been three months?!

In July,  I mentioned being in the midst of planning an island holiday.  I thought I would post a few times, but planning a holiday celebration for 26 people was a lot of work.

What were we planning?
A celebration of friendship (and Bill's 50th birthday). You may be asking yourself, 'how do they choose just twelve people'....  it started with a list of men playing a significant role in Bill's daily life.  Brothers, friendships spanning 25+ years, the men we rely on to help us, guide us, challenge us.  And their wives!

After researching to find the perfect destination fitting our needs, we reserved Fowl Cay A YEAR AGO. 

Event Planning highlights:
Coordinating 26 flights, four chartered flights, and boat transfers. Villa assignments, meals, day outings, and more.

Creating a fun/relaxing week focused on simply having a good time.

Five nights, five themes: Sixties/Woodstock, NFL Tailgate, Pirates and Maidens, a White Party, and Caribbean Karaoke.

Imagine traveling from New Jersey to Nassau (Bahamas), taking a charter to a small island in the Exumas, and a boat ride to Fowl Cay with paper napkins, streamers, welcome gifts, a disco ball and so much more.

A hurricane had passed over the region weeks before our arrival, this added a little extra planning (a backup plan was necessary).  What if we weren't able to leave the island?  I quickly planned a Beach Party.

There are too many stories to share in one post, I can tell you that we snorkeled, picnic'd with iguana's, searched for starfish, swam with sharks, and fed swimming pigs. We were able to boat every day but one, avoiding storms to snorkel in caves, walk sandbars to natural pools filled with bubbles.

The white party ended with a few of us jumping off our dock, into the ocean for a midnight swim.

New friendships and memories created.

Reflecting on the week:
Months of planning paid off.  We had a no stress holiday!  Up early every day to visit Grant (and team) to plan the day. Should we head north or south, picnic options, mapping out several places to explore by boat.  Our friends kept mentioning how amazing each day was, asking me if the trip was 'exceeding my expectations.'  The staff was amazing.  The week turned out exactly as planned, five days filled surrounded by family and friends.   

Photos: 1) Rachel's Bubble Bath.  We were just hit by a small wave and about to be hit by a huge wave.  A moment I will never forget. Pure joy! 2) a morning dock snorkel  

Next up: 
Girls weekend!  Seven women are traveling, from seven states, to enjoy a weekend of friendship.