Travel: Ten days in Dublin

Welcome to Ireland!  Have I got a story for you.

I had the opportunity to spend ten days at The Shelbourne, located across the street from St Stephen's Green -  my husband was there on business and I explored just about every crevice of the neighborhood, napped, read books, walked about ten miles a day. 

I like to walk, sit in coffee shops, book stores, and linger on park benches to feel the city.  We had just been in the Rocky Mountains days before flying to Dublin.  It wasn't a planned trip.

In the evenings we ate dinner, listened to local performing in pubs, and on the streets.  We visited museums, rented a car to drive to Northern Ireland, Belfast and enjoyed a day at Ballgally.  A town we stumbled upon that holds a special place in my heart.

We saw Riverdance... in Dublin. Then stopped by Grafton House.

Once, the movie, is one of my favorite soundtracks.  Maybe I would pass by the Hoover Store?

There is SO much to do in Dublin: have lunch at The Hairy Lemon, visit Kilmainham Gaol, and play a round of golf.  For me, the highlight of the trip was hands down seeing Madonna in concert.

We were in a taxi, returning to our hotel from the Guinness experience when we saw a poster of Madonna on the side of a bus.  I'm an eighties girl, a material girl at heart.  I had never seen Madonna in concert, until Dublin.  It was pouring, and Madonna was a bad a$!  My husband surprised me with a night I will never forget.

Let me know if you are visiting Dublin.  I'm happy to share a few places you must see!

With love and Gratitude, Mari
View from the plane, landing in this magical country.

Ballgally Castle, Northern Ireland

Ballgally Northern Ireland

Bill graduated Guinness School


St Stephen's Park: I spent hours here every day. Look at the people enjoying this wonderful place!