Vastervik Sweden (Nordics part III)

We have been to Switzerland, Italy, and Stockholm.  Now it's time for a road trip.  Due to a tight travel schedule (this is a business trip for Bill), we are driving from Stockholm to Vastervik and then to Copenhagen. Spending the day seeing Sweden's countryside.

Why add several hours to our road trip, to see Vastervik? Today a summer village for recreation, it was a fishing village in the early 1900's.  A Coastal town in the Archipelago, located in Gamlebyviken Bay, and connects to the Baltic Sea.  My family calls Vastervik home.

Getting There

Packing up our car and getting settled for the two-hour drive, we will stop for lunch and explore in Vastervik.  My cousin, Paulina, was born and raised here.  She has given us a list of places that we hope to see.

Moose Crossing! We passed this sign many times.  It reminded me of a story my neighbor told me last fall.  On a morning run she casually mentioned talking to her mother, like one does... her mother made Moose Stew for dinner.  HA!

Vastervik embodies Lagom.  A Swedish word that means 'just the right amount.' For me, I have a strong connection to this place.  My Grandmother was raised here; my families church is in the photo below. Many of my relatives are buried on the hill behind this church.

I am more familiar with old traditions than modern Swedish ways. Keeper of my Grandma's recipes, I learned how to make Kardammome Bulla as a teenager. 

Have you fallen in love with Vastervik yet? 

Photos above:

  • Upper Left: Not my photo but sharing what my summer memories include. This is my first visit to Vastervik since 1982.
  • Upper right: Seals sunbathing. A 15 minute drive to Granso Island (A place with medieval origins. The original castle consisted of a main wooden building, built in 1807 by Olof Johan Risselskiƶld. It was built to several times during the 1800s.).
  • Bottom left: Ariel photo of the archipelago
  • Bottom right: view from the road.  This is what most of our road trip looked like.

Who's surprised to see that I found a trail for us to hike before leaving Vastervik? Quick biffy before making time to see where the red trail leads us to.

Behind me, on the other side of the Baltic Sea is Estonia (once called Russia).

Observations and Touristy things

  • In the summer months, find Sjokanten on Hasselo.  It's an old carpenter's house and bathhouse, converted into a restaurant. 
  • Aspagarden Keremik and Textile: handmade pottery and textiles for your home.  It's located 50 steps from our family church.
  • Visit the fortress Stegeholm.  Last destroyed in 1677.  You will find a hidden treasure near, Gamla Norr.  The oldest preserved homes in Vastervik
  • The Boatsmen houses: Tjust sailor accommodations in the 1700's.  They are little red cottages with rooftops just five feet high.  A few have been renovated and are available to rent.
  • A rock climber/hikers paradise

Back on the road, we drove four hours south to Copenhagen.  Trusting our GPS, it brought us to the auto ferry.  We drove on the ferry and settled in for a quick 20-minute trip.  Locals order a hotdog and glass of wine or a beer for the short journey.  Although this is tradition, I enjoyed a glass of wine and the experience (no hot dogs for me). We are so close to a vacation day in Copenhagen!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my families hometown, on my mother's side.

Next up: 24 hours in Copenhagen