It's a wrap! Another year in books

 Hello lovely friends,

Some remember that I used to log the books I had read in a notebook before starting a book blog in 2008.  I maintained my blog until discovering Goodreads in 2012, and my book blog died a slow death…  This brings me to today, I cannot believe I’m writing another year in review update.  How have I been doing this for thirteen years?  

Before sharing my year in review, let me share a few interesting facts about my reading profile. I typically read 35-40 books a year, logging 705 books read since shifting from the blog to Goodreads. I have marked 34 books with 5 stars, with my last 5-star rating was in 2018 (I’m happy to report that my 29-month drought was broken in March).

Reading in 2021 looks different.

I found myself preferring to read nonfiction and self-discovery over fiction this year. The move home, to Minnesota, created this shift. I joined a self-discovery book club in May and have been learning about our new ecosystem. I have also fallen in love with all things Loons and can’t stop talking about one book that has changed how I’m showing up for life. 

2021 Reading Summary

Five Stars: 4

  1. I adore Thrity Umrigar and had been holding onto The Secret Between Us for a few years.  It didn’t disappoint.  
  2. Meet Me in Monaco (Hazel Gayner): I recommend this book to anyone interested in spending time with Grace Kelly.
  3. The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching (Thich Nhat Hahn):  Last year my family embraced Gretchen Rubin’s 21 for 2021 and this book made my list.  It’s dense with knowledge.  I listened to it and enjoyed it so much that I’m currently rereading it to absorb the message, highlight, and take notes in the paper copy that sits on my bookshelf. 
  4. Your Soul’s Plan (Robert Schwartz): This is a book I wouldn’t have been exposed to if I didn’t join a new book club focused on self-discovery.  We have read a diverse selection of books and the theme of this book is not lost on me.   I look at life challenges, obstacles, and joys from a different lens now. Try it if you can see through the books woo-woo and absorb the message. (I will write a separate blog post on this book to expand on why it has been so impactful for me)

Four Stars: 14

Three Stars: 11

Two books received a no rating/DNF

Interested in seeing what I read? Here’s the link to view the complete list

My first book of 2022 will be a Reese Whitherspoon selection - I started listening to The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave while walking Phoebe this morning. 

I would love to hear what books you loved in 2021.  What are you looking forward to reading in 2022?