Review: Happiness Sold Seperately

How many times have I walked by this book at the bookstore? I have even picked it up thinking I really want to read it, but a book club selection usually gets in the way.  Last weekend I saw Happiness Sold Seperately sitting in the lobby of the library, this must have been a sign (ha). I picked up the audio version and was entertained all weekend while running and working out.

From the author’s website: Lolly Winston, born and raised in the glamorous insurance capital of Hartford, Conn., Lolly Winston holds an MFA in creative writing from Sarah Lawrence College. In the early eighties she went to Hawaii for eight days and stayed for eight years, boogie boarding and working as a corporate copy writer and public affairs officer at a local trauma hospital. She lives with her husband in Northern California.

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Synopsis: Elinor Mackey has always done the right things in the right order-college, law school, career, marriage-but now everything's going wrong. After two painful years of trying, Elinor has learned that she can't have children. All the doctors can tell her is that it's probably because of her age. As she turns forty, she withdraws into an interior world of heartbreak.

Elinor's loving husband, Ted, a successful podiatrist, has always done the right thing, too. Then he meets the wrong woman at the wrong time, and does the wrong thing. Ted's lover, Gina-a beautiful and kindhearted nutritionist-always eats the right thing, but is unlucky in love and always falls for the wrong men. Soon Ted has to fight to make everything right again.

Can Elinor and Ted's marriage be saved? The answer is alarmingly fresh and unexpected as New York Times bestselling author Lolly Winston introduces us to characters as memorable as those of Anne Tyler and Nick Hornby, but who are indelibly all her own.

Type: Fiction, 320 pages, Trade paperback

Quick Take: Recommend - This novel grabbed me in the first five minutes and kept me wanting to listen.  We follow Elinor as she discovers her husbands affair (on the first page), confirms the affair and confronts the other woman in an unexpected fashion (I loved this moment) - all of this happens very quickly in the book.  Written with whit and tenderness I was connected to the story and wanted to know what would happen to Ted and Elinor.  Do they find their way back to each other?  You have to read it to find out. 

I did enjoy the ending to this story.  It doesn't end exactly like you might expect, which was a pleasent surprise. 

Source: Library (audio)