Review: Men and Dogs

I was so excited to see Katie Crouch has a new novel coming out next month and was even happier to receive a review copy while in NYC a few months ago. Her books have the best covers!

Synopsis:  When Hannah Legare was 11, her father went on a fishing trip in the Charleston harbor and never came back. And while most of the town and her family accepted Buzz's disappearance, Hannah remained steadfastly convinced of his imminent return.

Twenty years later Hannah's new life in San Francisco is unraveling. Her marriage is on the rocks, her business is bankrupt. After a disastrous attempt to win back her husband, she ends up back at her mother's home to "rest up", where she is once again sucked into the mystery of her missing father. Suspecting that those closest are keeping secrets--including Palmer, her emotionally closed, well-mannered brother and Warren, the beautiful boyfriend she left behind--Hannah sets out on an uproarious, dangerous quest that will test the whole family's concepts of loyalty and faith.

Type: Fiction, 279 pages, Hardcover

Quick Take: Recommend - I loved the 'messiness' of this book!  It starts out with a painfully desperate, funny moment when Hannah is trying to reconcile with her husband after she has made another terrible mistake.  That's all I will say about the opening; I enjoyed reading about a woman who was the messed up partner.  The rest of the story takes place in the city where she grew up -we are introduced to her first love, her family and friends who help her make some decisions about life. 

It's also important to note that the men in the book are not portrayed as dogs (just in case you are reading this in the title).  Men AND dogs both play an important part in the story/plot.

If you read Girls in Trucks, this book is completely different - the only similarity is that it's about a woman trying to figure out 'who she is'. I know a few people who didn't like the first book but I would suggest trying Men and Dogs, I think you will be surprised.

Source: Review Copy