Hello from Sydney!

It's Saturday morning here, in Sydney.  Tomorrow we pack up and move to another location and I can't wait!  We are heading inland to the Blue Mountains and will touch the Outback before returning back to Sydney (and then sadly... home).

Here's a photo from my four hour hike to Manly North Head.  I love hearing the sound of the ocean crashing on the rocks (my sunburn is from this hike, so the sun did eventually appear).

Being here has made me shift my view on food and I am going to attempt to make some dietary changes. More on that later.... but can I tell you how much better everything tastes here?  I can't explain it but the banana's taste amazing.  I will miss the food here and that's a statement coming from me!

I'm a sucker for lotions and potions. My husband might tell you he thinks I want to open a spa one day.  Can I share a few of my favorite things with you?

Antipodes Nature (a New Zealand skin care company): After buying a tube of organic lip balm a few days ago I had to go back to the store yesterday to buy four more tubes.  The Grapeseed Butter Cleanser is just what my sunburned skin needs (and oil based face cleanser).

Comfort Zone Hydramemory: Gulp... is this stuff expensive. The hotel spa gave me enough for about a week (for my sunburn).  It's an amazing product made in Italy.  I will start saving my pennies to buy a bottle. 

Grown Bontanical Beauty Rejuvenative Eye Cream: If I love this eye cream in a month (as much as I do now) it will be my go-to eye cream.  Love this stuff (and contains a few ingredients we can't get in the US).

Latte's and Baguette's:  The local French Bistro has the best lunch in town.  I have been treating myself to a cheese/veggie baguette for lunch every day.  When you order you say 'for take away' and it's wrapped with love, to enjoy as you walk the wharf and fit a seat on the steps of the Opera House.

Ferry Life:  I have fallen in love with ferry life, this is how I have been exploring Sydney.  I walk to the Quay and find a ferry to jump on.  It's been a wonderful break from reality.... no plans, commitments, expectations. 

It's cold and drizzling on and off here today but that will not stop us from visiting Bondi Beach.  We plan to be in the ocean so a little rain can't stop us.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend from Sydney. 
G'day Mate!

ps: I haven't heard anyone say 'mate' yet :)