Review: The Doctor's Wife

Why I picked it: I read a book by Elizabeth Brundage a few years ago for my book club, I think I may have been the only one who really liked the book.... so much so that I wanted to read another title by this  author. 

Synopsis: So begins The Doctor's Wife, a stunning debut novel about four people and the cataclysmic intersection of their lives. Michael is a rising OB/GYN at a prominent private practice in Albany, New York; he also moonlights at a local women's health clinic. But Annie, his wife, has become tired of her workaholic husband's absences, and the soccer-mom lifestyle has worn thin. She begins a passionate love affair with bad-boy, fading celebrity painter Simon Haas—an affair that quickly goes awry when Simon's wife Lydia, who is also the model upon whom he built his career, discovers the truth.

Abortion, local evangelism, marital disenchantment, and the rifts of social class: Brundage takes on the fault lines of our era with a deft hand.

Type: Fiction

Quick Take: I love a complicated story and I got one with The Doctor's Wife.  Did you see the movie Misery?  This book reminded me of this movie less the graphic moments (remember when she breaks his leg, ugh). 

This book starts in present day and then goes back in time to explain how we get to the opening.  It's a dark, complicated story that kept my interest from page one.  The twists kept coming, there were times I didn't like the direction the story was going... but in a good way.  Brundage kept me on my toes with several sub-plots moving the story along.

Have you read this book?  If yes... I don't understand why Simon was interesting to Annie, I thought he was a creep!  The kind of man I would run from.

Rating: 4/5 stars
Source: Personal Copy, audio (iTunes)
Challenge: Teresa's Audiobook Challange, February selection