Review: The Lost Daughter

Why I picked it: I picked this book up a few weeks ago, while shopping at Costco. 

The cover is stunning and reading Wally Lamb's endorsement led to my purchasing a copy of the book.

Synopsis: Brooke O'Connor—elegant, self-possessed, and kind—has a happy marriage and a deeply loved young daughter. So her adamant refusal to have a second child confounds her husband, Sean. When Brooke's high school boyfriend Alex—now divorced and mourning the death of his young son—unexpectedly resurfaces, Sean begins to suspect an affair.

For fifteen years Brooke has kept a shameful secret from everyone she loves. Only Alex knows the truth that drove them apart. His reappearance now threatens the life she has so carefully constructed and fortified by denial. With her marriage—and her emotional equilibrium—at stake, Brooke must confront what she has been unwilling to face for so long.

Type: Fiction

Quick Take: I dare you to read chapter one and put this book down.  I can't see anyone doing it! 

This novel starts with two teenagers in a hotel room, the girl is in labor.  It's a gut wrenching start to the book.  Fast forward fifteen years, Brooke is happily married, life seems good but she has a secret. Beautiful set up, how can the author go wrong?

Well, it's gets better... her high school boyfriend shows up (out of the blue) and confesses that the baby delivered all those years ago was breathing and left for dead, in a dumpster!  This is how the story begins...

This is a great book club selection - there's so much to discuss just from what I have mentioned above but there's so much more to the story. 

Have you read it? I'm happy to say I picked this book for the Omaha Bookworm's (July), we will have a fantastic discussion... I can't wait.  Find a copy and read it!

Rating: 4 stars
Source: Personal Copy