Review: The Singles

Why I picked it: Something about the book cover drew me in.  I requested this book without reading the synopsis.

I'm happy to say this is our June MMBC selection!

Synopsis: Bee wanted the perfect wedding; she got the “Singles”

Back in her single days—before she met the man of her dreams—Beth “Bee” Evans hated being forced to attend weddings solo. Determined to spare her friends the same humiliation, she invites everyone on her list with a guest. Much to her chagrin, however, Hannah, Vicki, Rob, Joe, and Nancy insist upon attending Bee’s lavish Chesapeake Bay nuptials alone. The frustrated bride dubs them the “Minus-Ones” and their collective decision wreaks unintended havoc on her otherwise perfectly planned wedding weekend.

Type: Fiction

Quick Take: What a refreshing novel!  One that I read this book in a 24 hour time frame while on vacation earlier this year. 

The Singles is told from different voices, the bride (just once) and then it's told by the people to attend the wedding as a 'single'.  As the story goes on we learn how the singles know the bride and groom, their relationships, insecurities, and more.  It's a very fun look at an evening (and the morning after). 

One of the characters has a fun habit, when she walks in a room she casts the room with actors. This weaves it's way into the story, in a fun way.  Next time you go out to dinner, look around and cast the waiter/waitress, the couple at the table next to you. etc...

So... I read part of this book in a public sitting area at a hotel.  The couple sitting next to me were having the most uncomfortable conversation, one I couldn't avoid without leaving the room.  The wife actually told her husband, 'if you loved me you would give me a baby. It would show me you're no longer selfish'.  oyvay...  Casting: husband, Vince Vaughn; wife, Kate Winslet; bartender, Adam Sandler; person overhearing conversation, Sandra Bullock.  What do you think Vince Vaughn would say next?  They continued talking for about five minutes before they left the room.

Rating: 4 stars
Source: NetGalley