Book Reviews: August

All of the books read in August were written by wildly popular American authors!  I even caved and read summer sensation Gone Girl.

Gone Girl: Everyone has read it, most loved it without question BUT I can't imagine recommending this book.

After listening to Slate's audiobook discussion for Gone Girl... I like the book a little more.  It is a chess match, filled with unlikeable characters.  Many of the developments are implausible (but necessary on occasion to move a story forward). 

I HATED the mall, blue book, part of the story.  It just wasn't needed.  I wish I was scared reading it. 

In my head, I describe Gone Girl as 'misery' meets 'sleeping with the enemy' light.  Two movies I have never been able to watch without leaving the room! If you want to read a dark, creepy, thriller read 'i'd know you anywhere'.

My goodreads rating: 3 stars

Where we Belong: If you enjoy Giffin you will like this book.  She delivers another solid women's journey novel.

I have to say I liked this book more when I finished it, than while reading it.  Most of the book leads up to something.  I tend to like books set post event - letting me read how characters handle/grow from situations. 

I wonder if this is book one, and we might read a new novel from the father's view.  That could be interesting.

My goodreads rating: 3 stars

Wallflower in Bloom: I didn't plan to read this book but after hearing someone rave about it I changed my mind. This almost never works for me. I didn't even rate it on goodreads, it wouldn't be fair to the author.

DWTS (Dancing with the Stars) is lost on me. The main character was a bit to whiny, shallow, and self centered for my enjoyment. Lot's of talk about Devil Dogs and Ring Ding's... ugh. I'm thankful I don't have anyone in my daily life that I would describe from this cast of characters!  I ended up skimming the second half to see how the story ended.

However, the humor of the guru brother wasn't lost on me. I wanted to love it - if only for the cover. I love the cover!

My goodreads rating: NA