Book Reviews: September

I'm in love with this photo!  When I look at it I see a tender moment, nature, love, and simplicity. Everything I hold dear to my heart.

September was dedicated to cookbooks, baking, exploring my surroundings and enjoying cooler weather.  I'm not blogging much these days but you can keep up with me daily on twitter, pinterest, and instagram.  This is where I'm leaning these days with quick life updates from running, Lymes, and cooking.... to researching life's next adventure. 

I have been to NY, CT, NJ... visiting farm to table concepts.  Enjoying nature, cooking.  I should dedicate a few posts to food and what I'm learning - maybe!

Reading: I read two novels in September, listened to one.

Love Anthony: I had been waiting for this novel to be published for months.  Genova is a favorite writer of mine, descriptive and smart. 

This story follows two women, their lives don't overlap much so I found myself drawn to one woman's story more than the other.  The women meet a few times and the story wraps up nicely.

Love Anthony was good but Still Alice is still my favorite book written by Lisa Genova.

My goodreads rating: 3 stars

The Longest Way Home: Okay... I loved this book.  I'm a travel junky who loves adventure and long before reading this book I mentioned plans to climb Mt Kilimanjaro.  So reading a chapter dedicated to the climb was thrilling!

I read somewhere that this is the guy's version of Eat, Pray, Love.  There are similarities, McCarthy's story moves forward/backward in time and is about someones struggle to commit.  I listened to The Longest Way Home, narrated by McCarthy himself and enjoyed hearing his voice as I walked the trails.

My goodreads rating: 4 stars

Forgotten:  As posted on Goodreads... I enjoyed this one but Arranged is still my favorite by this author. 

With Forgotten, I was expecting something different and that always gets me in trouble.  It's not the author's fault - I read Africa, rebuilding a life... was hooked. 

It's a fun/chicklit story about a woman navitaging through life, the way a normal person would.  That is the best part of this book!  The main character returns from an extended trip to Africa and has to deal with people reactions/situations... because 'they' decided she died. 

Read it, it's fun.

My goodreads rating: 3 stars