Adventure: Mount Kilimanjaro, here I come!

I believe in adventure and challenging myself, just beyond my comfort zone.

I have been researching, planning, and doing more research to make sure I understand what I'm getting myself into...

My next adventure will test my boundaries and comfort....

I'm climbing one of the Seven Summits! Mount Kilimanjaro to be specific.

Why this one?

I'm in love with Africa.  It's also the least rigorous of the seven, and I have breathing concerns related to elevation (my lungs burn quickly).

I have been exploring this idea for a while.  Just a few months after completing the Ultra Marathon (Jan 2011) while traveling in Italy I met a gal who has climbed a few summits.  She even invited me to join a climbing group in NY to learn how to climb.  The commitment was to much at the time, with a six hour drive each way, but the idea stuck.

Eighteen months later I'm beyond excited to tell you that I have my eyes set on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (summit:19,341).

More to follow as I finalize plans bookending the trek (Istanbul prior to our arrival at base camp, and a week relaxing/exploring Tanzania post summit). Yes, I have talked WT into doing this with me which makes this a 'we' challenge (one of us will over prepare, one will show the other that preparing is overrated).  HA!

~ Life, it's happening!