Book Review: Mad about the Boy

Why I picked it: What can I say... I read the first two and was curious.

Synopsis: With her hotly anticipated third installment, "Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy," Fielding introduces us to a whole new enticing phase of Bridget's life set in contemporary London, including the challenges of maintaining sex appeal as the years roll by and the nightmare of drunken texting, the skinny jean, the disastrous e-mail cc, total lack of twitter followers, and TVs that need 90 buttons and three remotes to simply turn on.

Quick Take: It's with much sadness that I share my first DNF of 2014.  My first thought, while reading this novel, was 'did I enjoy the first two'? I'm 10-15 years older/wiser and found myself bored listening to so much detail that didn't move the plot forward.

I don't know any fifty year old women who nitpick/obsess about every detail. My advise to Bridget? Sign up for pinterest and start pinning motivational quotes.  (ha)

About half way through the book... I empowered myself to stop listening.

Lian Dolan's review sums up my experience nicely (from goodreads): ... The moments where we do see a real 51 year old woman who finds herself widowed and still grieving 4 years later are the best moments in the book. I wish Fielding's editor had trusted the "Bridget Jones generation", like me, to have grown up, too. We didn't need to see the Bridget of 20 years ago, so the dating- the- younger- man subplot seemed very tired and contrived. A Grown-Up Bridget for Grown-up readers would have been great. 

Rating: DNF
Source: Library (audio)