Podcast: let's talk books

Hello friends,

What a fun post today!

I have known Erin (from the Manic Mommies) for years and am always threatening to visit, but life is busy and we haven't found a way to make this happen... yet. I have several friends near Rochester and should plan a weekend meet up this summer.

So, how did this happen? A few weeks ago while listening to their podcast, Erin mentioned needing a guest while Kristin off to run in the Disney half marathon (go Kristin). I reached out, and they took me up on the offer.

Podcast: click here to listen, or here to listen/download as an mp3

I should have thought to ask Erin for a few favorites (fiction, memoir, historical, classic), how her book club is doing, and if she rereads books.  Instead we talked about how to say my name (a common question), life, books, allowance, food issues, and dogs.

Books mentioned:
Brain on Fire (Cahalan)
Cold Antler Farm (Woginrich)
Life after Life (Atkinsen)
Lot's of Candles, plenty of Cake (Quindlen)
Million little Pieces (Frey)
Stories I only tell my friends (Lowe)

Book Love: If we had hours to talk about books, below are a few I want everyone to enjoy. I hope everyone can find something to read from this list. A solid mix of favorites, fright, page turners, and authors I have been reading for decades.  (listed alphabetically)

Always at the top:
The English Patient (Ondaatje)
The Red Tent (Shreve)
The Time Traveler's Wife (Niffenegger)

Books that haunt me:
I'd know you anywhere (Lippman)
Still Missing (Chevy Stevens)
We need to talk about Kevin (Shriver)

Devoured quickly:
Goodnight June (Jio)
Helen of Pasadena (Dolan)
Love in Midair (Wright)
The Good Wife (Porter)
The Singles (Goldstein)
The Underside of Joy (Halverson)

My go-to-authors:
Lisa Genova
Emily Giffin
Elin Hilderbrand
Audrey Niffenegger (The Time Traveler's Wife, Her Fearful Symmetry) 
Anita Shreve (Resistence, The Weight of Water, The Last Time we met) - LOVE her early books
Thrity Umrigar (The Weight of Water, The Space Between Us)