European Adventure Part 1: Montreux

Hello Friends!

How did a trip to Bangkok land us in Budapest? The World Traveler had an speaking engagement/hosting responsibilities at an industry conference that was relocated for political unrest (safety of the guests and their travel companions).

So... with just a few weeks notice, I started researching Budapest.  This is three country trip is a business trip for the World Traveler and a working vacation for me (working lightly to keep up with projects since I'm traveling for three weeks). Before Budapest comes a week in Switzerland. While I adore Vevey, we stayed in Montreux this visit. I was determined to explore Montreux... the markets, shoppes, and winding roads. 

Did you know the locals live up the hillside and travel by foot via Escalier's?  These are hidden stairs, woven through neighborhoods (see photo below) and must their secret to staying healthy.

Highlights from our stay in Montreux:
-  I ran to Chateau Chillon and toured the damp, cold castle before running back to the hotel.  It's eerie walking through prison chambers, knowing people were held and killed on the grounds.  This castle dates back to 1150.

-  Looking up the hillside is a vineyard, with a chateau standing proudly.  It's a lovely sight and one day I decided to run there.This ended up taking hours, the hillside is a maze of roads, neighborhoods, and hidden stairwells.

It's stunning, old, and needing a bit of love, the standing Chateau du Chatelard was built in 1440. History dates back to the year 1000AD, when the Kingdom of Burgundy built a "Ch√Ętelard", more commonly called "Wooden Fort" since it was made of wood.

- A day trip to Glion.  I have walked by a hidden Funicular for years?! Having the morning free, I took it to Glion... to explore.  It's an odd tiny town and home to the International Hotel University. 

- One night we were invited to dine at a colleagues home, in old town Vevey.  This was exciting for me, they lived in a historic row house.  A barn for livestock by the Chateau at La tour de Peilz. You enter their home in the barn (damp/dark) and walk up a flight of stair to an all wood structure. Charming yes, but too dark for me to live in during the winter months.  I was thrilled to spend an evening here.

I will never forget that dinner. At one point the men left the table for a cigar and I sat with the ladies.  Four women speaking four languages.  Only one woman spoke English and thankfully she translated for me.

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Enjoy the photos below then pack your bags... we are traveling to Budapest!

Chateau de Chilon

Escalier de Rossillon: This explains why no one is overweight and in good health.  I passed many local walking up/down to to the village.  This walk requires a shopping strategy.
I ran up, and over a castle today! Always exploring, I decided to trot up the hill to get a closer look at this building. 12th century, Chateau du Chatelard

Funiculars are common here.  Today I'm going sightseeing in Glion
View from Glion, looking towards Vevey

International Hotel University