Travel: Part IV Hangzhou & Ningbo China

Hello Friends,

This is Part IV of our Asian Extravaganza!

Hangzhou is 800 miles south of Beijing, a five hour trip via the Bullet Train.We arrived after the sunset, settling in for just one night.  The photo above was my first view of this city.  I remember looking out our hotel window and thinking the fog rolling over a winter morning was lovely.... then quickly realized pollution was following me. 

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Hangzhou is 800 miles south of Beijing:

The capital of Zhejiang Province and one of the seven ancient capitals of China.  West Lake scenic area contains over 60 cultural relic sites and several attractions of natural beauty, including tea plantations.

We spent the morning taking a Long Boat ride on West Lake, and walking through the village.

Confession: we are tired... 
Sanitary lunch prep on the street...remember all the pollution?

We were entertaining to these servers.  Thank goodness for google Translate!

We traveled to Ningbo for the Chinese New Year Presentation, which included dances from each providence across China and a Bosses Dance.

Arriving at the hotel, we were greeted by over a hundred people.  A receiving line were I was greeted and introduced to Bill's business partners one at a time.

The Buddha  we bought in Shanghai skipped the trip to Beijing and was waiting for us in our Ningbo Hotel.

The next day:
Bill had an all day meeting and rehearsal while I spend the day with JJ. Chosen by the country manager and excused from the day long meeting, JJ was my hostess - I understand it was a great honor to care for the bosses wife.

She taught me so much, was kind and nimble.  She has an agenda that was going to keep us running for over twelve hours but I didn't have the energy.  I really wanted to see her daily life, not museums.  She lit up and brought me to the temple her family attends, and a few others meaningful sights.    

Fisherman/local dwellings

Zen Buddhist Temple, Xiao Putou: JJ's family temple.  She taught me so much.

Blessings and Prayers

Tian Yi library, folklore and home to Mahjong.

Bosses Performance and Celebration

The journey home:
Image a four hour ride from Ningbo to Shanghai with a driver we couldn't communicate with, a flat tire without having a spare, and a moment being lost. 

To say I was excited to leave the land of pollution is an understatement, I felt dirty for two weeks, but China amazed me with history and tradition. 

This was a memorable three week experience for me.  Seeing so much of China and shadowing my husband... getting to see how he travels.

Now I know why he's so tired all the time!