European Adventure Part 3: Vienna

Hello Friends,

This is the third, and final stop of our 16 day holiday.  While this is business travel for the World Traveler, I join him a few times a year and we find time for mini holidays.

Part I: Montreaux, Switzerland
Part II: Budapest, Hungary

We drove from Budapest to Vienna, via the autobahn.  A quick trip, just a few hour drive.

Vienna, Budapest, and Montreux in one holiday - these are three different places!  Vienna is pristine.  I immediately noticed that you only find grass in parks. We discussed that in ye old days the rain must have bathed the city.  Today this can happen with power spray.

With about three days to explore, we selected a hotel in a walking distance of many sights. This is a city I would like to visit again. Planned similar to Paris, Vienna has 23 districts. Mozart, Beethoven, Freud, and Marie Antoinette are just a few people that call Vienna home. 

Highlights and Observations
- We arrived Saturday afternoon. After settling in, I ran to a castle... again! Purely by accident... I found one of the most famous places in Vienna. The Belvedere Palace.

- On Sunday we were too close not to visit Marie Antoinette's childhood home.  Getting there requires a few transfers on the train and a mile walk.

The grounds are like visiting a state fair.  What I mean by this is that Schonbrunn Palace offers SO much to do an see.  Days are needed, not hours.

- We traveled back to Inner Stadt for coffee, to find Gustav Klimt's 'The Kiss', and walk through Hundertwasser House and Village.  Take a few minutes to research The Kiss and Hundertwasser online.  You won't regret it.

This wraps up this European adventure.  Thanks for traveling with us!
With love and gratitude, Mari
The Belvedere Palace

Schonbrunn Palace: Marie Antoinette's childhood home
Train Station, Pretzels at the Easter Markt, our first glance at the Palace

Easter Merkt - Hundertwasser - St Stephen's Cathedral
Doesn't it remind you of Alice in Wonderland?
The perfect ending to our adventure - a stroll, coffee, a date.