Fitness: a dancing duel on the mountain?

I missed you guys! Reading blogs, following my fitness friends embracing summer. Joy hosts Reader's workouts, feel free to join us.

A dancing duel on the mountain? Calvin is a trek guide, a person with a spirit rarely found these days. He is happy, the life of the party... and he likes to sing and dance.

We quickly bonded, laughing, giggling, singing. We challenged each other to 'dance move duel's' often while standing on a rock during a water stop.  I miss this guy.

Kili reflections: I am thrilled to tell you the physical part of the mountain was a breeze for me! Fellow trekkers commented on stiffness, sore muscles, aches... I had none of this. People seemed shocked that I actually trained towards the 60 miles distance vs hours on a stair stepper.

Once I have time to narrow down a thousand photos to a dozen... I will share my Kili story with you.

July Fitness Goal: 30 miles a week, weights, yoga and stretching.

My main focus today is getting healthy, resting, eating well. My lungs are exhausted - I have been sick since June 26, with two rounds of antibiotics - something I usually shy away from.  I was sick enough to see a doctor while in Africa where he told me "disease lives on the trees in Africa".

July MTD: 38 miles
YTD: 885 miles

Do you have any runs, challenges coming up? Now that I'm back and can't move past Kili prep I need a new fitness goal.  Have you run a color run?

Have a wonderful week, and remember...
Life, it's happening!