Fitness: I can't believe I did that

It's hard to share my Kili story in one post, with this being fitness day... it seems like a good day to share my emotions behind this accomplishment (I will post an experience recap later this week, with photos).

I have spent months preparing, planning, scheduling, never doubting, just wondering, anticipating.

Since returning from my trip I have felt off my game and today I realized why - I haven't let myself feel a sense of accomplishment for reaching the summit.

I'm struggling to process the following: 

Instant gratification: a nine day journey, with no communication didn't let friends and family celebrate our achievement real time - darn it social media and cell phones!

Personality conflicts: I wasn't prepared to share my adventure with a narcissist and complainer. Strangers on day one, frienemy's at the summit? This person overpowered the experience with his personality and demands.  He was even telling the head guide how to do his job, adding unnecessary risks.

Disappointment and physical pain of summit day: It's hard to imagine an "I almost made it" ending but we did pass hikers who didn't get there. Imagine seeing them while you are going up - processing this while dealing with the elements of your summit day journey, emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed.

Summit night: we all retreated to our tents, without much celebration.  Some of us threw up or spent time in the biffy... our bodies less than happy with us.  I never made it to the mess tent for a meal, dizzy, lightheaded, throwing up, mixed with coughing and exhaustion.

It was more challenging than I expected... BUT:  
I loved every minute of the experience!
I danced on the trail, often
I yelled 'I'm in Africa' a few times (this was not lost on me)...

Eleanor, WE DID IT. We climbed a mountain!

Fitness... what's next: WT isn't interested in another physical/adventurous vacation but I know he loves that I push the boundaries... so I'm starting to build a list.

- Patagonia: day hiking the glaciers, not camping...
- Sign up for a color run
- Attend a Yoga retreat

Mileage counter: I knew July would be a low month, I will sneak past 100 miles but it will be my lowest month in a year.  That's okay... I was in Africa!
Last week: 31 miles
MTD: 65 miles
YTD: 912 miles

Do you have any runs, challenges coming up? 

Have a wonderful week, and remember...
Life, it's happening!