Travel: NgoroNgoro Crater

Lovely Friends,

Have you heard of the Ngorongoro Crater? Located in Tanzania, exploring this magical place was Part III of our Africa Adventure. The crate looks like a painting, an optical allusion.  When you drive into the crater you quickly understand this is a thriving ecosystem. I was awe stuck.

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Part II: Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Ngoro Ngoro means Gift of life, named by the Maasai.  Part of the Great Migrations, and our final stop before visiting the Serengeti.

We stayed at the Serena Lodge, and highly recommend this company.  We arrived in Arusha, greeted by a host and our guide, Gregory.  Gregory was our personal guide, driving us on the well know desert roads (they were rough). We spent three days exploring the Crater with picnics and learning so much about this wonderful place.

Fact about The Ngorongoro Crater:
Volcanic craters form stunning backdrops to some of the most fertile and richest grazing grounds in Africa.

We say black rhino, tusker elephants, lion, leopard and hyena along with healthy herds of wildebeest, buffalo and zebra.  Other wildlife include the serval cat, cheetah, jackal, Grant's and Thompson's gazelle, flamingo and bat-eared foxes, and 400 species of birds.

Below is a photo gallery from our travels. Up next, The Serengeti.
My first view of one of the seven wonders of the world!

Gregory knows the way?

Thank goodness for Gregory, our private guide for the week (just the three of us, a range rover, and open roads). Honestly... he was an amazing guide

We saw these guys within the first two hours of our game hunt.

crater life: zebras by the thousands
Wildebeests... you can't escape them. They are everywhere!

view from my window

The Maasai that live in the Ngorongoro National Park have no water source. Once a week they are driven into Arusha for supplies, this is their bus. They were checking in when we arrived

About 80 people live here

Maasai boy's in the crater